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            Anyang Quanfeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
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            Anyang Quanfeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
            Diethl Aminoethyl Hexanoate (DA-6)

            Diethl Aminoethyl Hexanoate (DA-6)


            Anyang Quanfeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd is one of the biggest Diethyl Aminoethyl Hexanoate manufacturer and exporter in China. We can produce 3000MT per year.

            Physical & Chemical Features:
            Common Name: Diethyl Aminoethyl Hexanoate,DA-6
            Chemical Name: Hexanoic Acid 2-(diethylamino) Ethyl Ester
            Molecular Formula: C12H25NO2
            Molecular Weight: 215.33
            EINECS No.: 204-029-1
            CAS No.: 10369-83-2

            The pure white scaly crystal, can dissolve in water easily, and can dissolve in polarity organic solvent such as ethanol, methanol and acetone etc.Stable in room temperature,have slight amine smell.

            全豐胺鮮酯DA-6  全豐胺鮮酯DA-6

            全豐胺鮮酯DA-6     全豐胺鮮酯DA-6


            Application method and practical technology of Diethl aminoethyl hexanoate (DA-6)


            Type: Plant Growth Accelerator

            Main Preparations:
            1) Diethyl Aminoethyl Hexanoate 98% Technical Grade, Registration Certificate No.:LS20091392
            2) Diethyl Aminoethyl Hexanoate 1.6% Aqueous Solution,Registration Certificate No.:LS20091408
            3) Diethyl Aminoethyl Hexanoate 8% Soluble Powder


            Item Standard
            Appearance: White or light yellow flake crystals
            Purity: 98%Min
            Loss on drying: 0.5%Max
            Residues after ignition: 0.1%Max

            1) It can be directly diluted in water,use on crops.,increase plants’ chlorophyll content, protein, nucleic acid, it can increase the speed of photosynthetic, it can accelerate the C/N metabolism and help plants to absorb water and fertilizers, increase the plant’s drought-resistant and cold-resistant-ability.
            2) It can be compound with fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides,compounded with N. P. Zn. Cu. Mn. Fe. Mo fertilizers etc. It can accelerate the crops to absorb fertilizers, and it can increase the fertilizer effect about 30%. It can save fertilizer about 10%.
            3) It can be used on fruits, crops, flowers and vegetable,compounded with many kinds of germicides because it is a neutral substance, and it can increase the effect of the germicide significantly.
            4) It has been proved that DA-6 has detoxification to many kinds of herbicides. Mixed with the herbicides, it can make the plants revive quickly without reducing the effects of the herbicide.It can be compounded with many kinds of insecticides because it is a neutral substance.

            1) 25kg woven bags with PE film
            2) 25kg fiber drums with PE film
            3) 200kg plastic drums


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            Anyang Quanfeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

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